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“WelCam. Greater Poland through the lens of an immigrant”. Photography competition

Cultural Anthropologists Society “ETNOSFERA”  within the “Ethno-integration” project: Platform for Creative Exchange and Intercultural Integration, invites all foreigners living/staying in Poznań and/or in Greater Poland to participate in a photography competition: “WelCam. Greater Poland through the lens of an immigrant”

What do you want to capture in a frame? Places, people, events, emotions... How do you perceive Poznań, Greater Poland? How do you perceive yourself in a new-old context? Stop impressions and experiences, narrate your own story.

Results will be posted on November 13th, 2013. We will e-mail the winners who will be awarded with attractive book prizes during an integration event concluding the first edition of “Ethno-integration” project.

Moreover, the photographs will be presented in a post-contest exhibition which will take place on November 22nd (Friday) during “Culturefest” in Kluboksięgarnia Głośna in Poznań.

Basic information:

Each participant can submit max. 5 photos. Please send them in a TiFF or JPG format  between September 27th and November 4th, 2013 to: etnointegracja@gmail.com

Rules of the competition are available in: English, French, Russian, Spanish, German and Polish.

The project is co-funded by Greater Poland Province Government.

Join in!

Rules of Photography Competition

“WelCam. Greater Poland through the lens of an immigrant”


I. General provisions.

1. The competition is organized by Cultural Anthropologists Society “ETNOSFERA”
with registered office in Poznań 60-132, Górczyńska 6/4, hereinafter referred to as “Organizer”.

2. “WelCam. Greater Poland through the lens of an immigrant”, hereinafter referred to as “Competition”, is a photography contest for a photo showing Poznań and/or Greater Poland through the eyes of foreigners living or temporarily staying within this area. The competition is being organized within the “Etno-integracje”: Platform for Creative Exchange and Intercultural Integration.

The competition has a social character.

3. The Competition may be entered by all people of age, hereinafter referred to as “Participant(s)”, who submit the application and entry in time specified hereunder.

4. Submitting photos is equivalent to accepting the conditions expressed herein.

II. Provisions regarding the photos.

1. Entries must be produced by Participants themselves and meet the following criteria:

  • JPG or TiFF format
  • size of all photographs not exceeding 2MB
  • each photograph signed according to the formula: name_surname_title_of_a_photograph
  • no water marks

2. Photographs ought to be send to: etnointegracja@gmail.com
as an attachment to e-mail titled: “WelCam. Greater Poland through the lens of an immigrant”. Please include your full name in the body of your e-mail.

3. Each Participant can submit maximum 5 photos.

4. The prizewinner is obliged to deliver the photograph in high resolution for us to be able to enlarge it for the exhibition.

III. Deadlines.

1. Competition lasts from September 27th until November 4th, 2013.

2. Results will be posted on November 13th, 2013. Winners will be informed by e-mail. The list of winners will also be published on the website and official fanpage of Cultural Anthropologists Society “ETNOSFERA” on Facebook.

IV. Prizes.

1. There are three winning places and honorable mentions in the amount decided on by the Jury. Authors of three best photographs will receive book prizes.
All awarded entries will be published in a form of a post-contest exhibition.

2. Prizewinners will be chosen by an independent Jury appointed by the Organizer.

3. Jury’s decision regarding the awards is final and no appeal from it is possible.

V. Use of entries submitted for the competition.

1. Each Participant declares that he or she is the sole author and owner of copyright of the entries submitted for the Competition.

2. Submitting entries for the Competition is equivalent to handing the copyright over free of charge to the Organizer and consenting to present the photos during exhibitions, in print and on the Internet free of charge.

3. Submitting entries for the Competition is equivalent to consenting to process
personal data provided by the Participant (under the Act of 29th August 1997,
Journal of Laws of 1997 No 133, item 883) in order to carry out the Competition as well as
consenting to the photos being used by the Organizer.

4. A person submitting a photo for the Competition takes full responsibility for the consent regarding the usage of images of people in the photographs.

VI. Final provisions.

1. Should the application be filled in incompatibly with the rules contained herein,
the entry shall not be considered.

2. Organizers reserve the right to terminate or cancel the Competition because of reasons
beyond Organizer’s control.


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