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„Multikulti Ma&Pa”

 24th October, 7th i 14th November | Thursdays | 17:00-19:00

Cafe Leniwiec, os. na Murawie 8/1, Poznan


Multikulti Ma&Pa is a pilot cycle of  four integration meetings of the families of more than one language and culture. They are also directed to the parents who are interested in cultural diversity and those who wish their children to become curious about the world and other people and respect otherness as well. We invite also the families who experienced or are going to experience emigration.


The central idea of such meetings is to create a common area of exchange and integration. Intercultural meetings of  the adults and children will give the opportunity to get to know each other and to exchange experience and ideas as well. They will also be a great way of spending time.


We encourage the parents with the children to join the project. Integrating through the play, talks, discussions and a meeting of all are planned.


Participation is free!


Important issues



The meetings are open for all, but the number of participants is limited so that the enrolment is needed. Please fill in a short application form and send it to: m.rosinska@etnosfera.org.pl. You can also leave it at Café Leniwiec. If there will be some places left, you can join us spontaneously J


Workshops are planned to be led in Polish. If you cannot speak Polish, please inform us about it while filling an application form.


1. Parents are responsible for their children during  the meetings.

2. Please keep in mind that participating in „Multikulti Ma&Pa” is tantamount to your permission for being photographed and filmed and for using photos and videos with participants images for relating and promoting the “Etno-integracje” programme led by “ETNOSFERA” Association. The above information is included in the application form.

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